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Initial Facilities won its first outsourced school catering contract in 1990. Today, we serve over 100,000 fresh, tasty and nutritious school meals every single day to students at primary and secondary schools.



Facilities management services for schools worthy of an A*

Initial Facilities has been providing a full range of Total Facilities Management services to schools and colleges for decades, freeing them to focus on their pupils. Within Total Facilities Management our services including catering, cleaning, building maintenance, grounds maintenance, security, washrooms and window cleaning.  We pride ourselves on delivering value-for-money services that delight customers and students alike.

Initial Facilities serves up fresh and healthy food that meets government nutritional standards to nurseries, primary and secondary schools and further education colleges nationwide. From breakfast and mid morning snacks to lunch, tea and hospitality for events, our catering services span the school day.

We are experienced in catering for a huge variety of special dietary requirements to meet the needs of students with allergies, food intolerances, special needs or particular religious beliefs. In such cases, our in-house nutritionists devote considerable thought to adapting the standard menu so that children with such needs do not feel stigmatised.

All our catering staff receive training in nutrition and practical skills by professional chefs and meals are always freshly prepared on school premises where the facilities are available. We are adept at packing hidden nutrients into food – cramming six vitamin-packed vegetables into a simple tomato sauce, for instance – so that even the most picky eaters absorb vital vitamins and minerals.

We have extensive experience in meeting the special demands of a range of education establishments. Numerous infant, primary and secondary schools as well as nurseries and colleges depend on our behind-the-scenes cleaning services to maintain a productive, hygienic learning environment.

From mowing playing fields to the upkeep of school playgrounds, we ensure school grounds are safe and well cared for.

Children need a safe place to learn and teachers need a safe place to work. Our professional security guards are vigilant but discreet, helping schools strike the balance between a building that is welcoming yet secure.

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